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What Is "In Pink?"

"In Pink" is a women led and women operated subsidiary of Members In Black Private Security.

Who is "IN Pink?"

The "In Pink" team consists of dedicated and hard working women of Sacramento, who want to show that they too can shine and succeed in a typically male dominated industry.

Why "In Pink?"

"In Pink" aims to provide an alternative security experience for their clients, where they now have the option have their events guarded exclusively by women.

When planning for your event, every detail has to be accounted for. Even the security team, a minor yet essential facet to the event's success.

The "In Pink" program aims to offer a feminine touch to the security industry, without sacrificing professionalism, safety, and reliability.

What We Offer


All of our guards are throughly screened and trained to ensure top quality service. Not only are they professional, they are also members of the community who care and wish to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible.


Members In Black is known to have a reputation that is one of the best in the Sacramento area, largely in part to the quality of our guards and the service they provide. The MIB name stands for reliability and trust.


A female touch is always welcomed. With the security industry dominated mainly by men, we are introducing a new approach to what security is and how it can be implemented by women as well.


We guarantee a professional, safe, and empathetic approach to security that has led to our success for many years.

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