Emergency Services

Jessey Csech, the head of our designated K9 Unit.

We now offer urgent services for clients who need security services quickly. This service entails:

• Guards can be on site in under two hours.

• Up to two guards per location.

• 24/7 daytime and graveyard shifts available.

Covid safety program

MIB at Habitat for Humanity nonprofit organization.

We offer trained guards who are able to verify Covid -19 vaccination cards prior to events. This service entails:

• Quick and easy vaccine verification by trained security guards.

• Prepared to handle disagreements and difficulties with patrons.

Traffic Control (TMP)

We offer traffic control services before and after large events. This service entails:

• Trained guards able to control traffic and protect crowds.

• Act as a valet to patrons to ensure smooth and efficient traffic.

• Helpful for post large events to ensure traffic after an event is kept to a minimum.


We provide safety and security for your weddings, so no alcohol related incidents will ever pose a threat to your magical day.

The service we provide is to monitor and keep all guests safe throughout the duration of the event. We can accustom both outdoor and indoor venues.

Our guards come in our signature black suits with a security pin to create a professional aesthetic to blend in with the atmosphere.


MIB is here to ensure the protection of any client, and that includes those who feel they require it for peace of mind.

We offer personal protection to those who yearn for safety during all parts of their day-to-day lives.

Contact us for specific details on pricing and availability.


Hire us to guard your local bar or restaurant  serves large amounts of alcohol.

We all know that things can get a little crazy from time to time, so it's always safe to have some insurance in the form of a security guard.

Inside, outside, bar, restaurant, club, liquor store, birthday party, quinceañera, you name it.

If it has alcohol and people are drinking it, then we can guard it.

With private parties or special events that may need to have an extra set of eyes we enjoy being a part of your festivities. Let us know what accommodations are needed and we can create a contract that will be able to keep your establishment safe. We offer multiple guards with adjusted time frames.


For those who are high profile individuals or just want to sleep more soundly at night, Members In Black offers home security to their clients.

The world we live in now can be unpredictable at times, so extra protection may be necessary at times. We guarantee the safety of you and your family with only our top guards at your service.


Some businesses are more privy to needing personal protection than others, and Members In Black is well aware of that.

As private store fronts continue to grow and come back, we are able to provide contracted guards that will suit the needs of the business. Every business from marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores, to smoke shops, we are available.

Please reach out to us for more information to get specific rates.


As the Roseville, Folsom, Sacramento, Elk Grove and surrounding areas' local economies continue to grow, construction sites may need to be monitored.

We are able to offer overnight shifts to keep an eye on equipment and sites during the building process.

Whether it be a drive through acreage or a walking in through a site, we are ready to make sure your construction site goes untouched.

Peaceful Events

Being the capitol of California, Sacramento is home to many political and other legislative events. We are proud to be able to service events at the steps of the Capital and other peaceful get-together's that may need further protection.

We are also able to help with any university or school campus events.


MIB at SAFE Performing Arts in Downtown Sacramento.

We are here to protect any person(s) or building(s) that need extra security. And that goes for personal property or building that the client deems valuable.

Buildings in this realm may include apartments, private residences, public spaces, etc.

Please reach out for specific details on the location and demands for the site to get an accurate quote.

Private Events

MIB at Wine and Wishes fundraising event in Sacramento, CA.

Hire us for a diverse array of private events. Anything that may need security, from small gatherings, concerts, private parties, networking events, etc.

Members In Black is available for all of your one-off private events that may need some extra assurance in order to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. This way, you can have confidence that your event will go off as smooth as possible.

We come out to celebrate Bar Mitzvah's, Quinciñeras, and all personal parties at your home, hall or event site. Christmas and holiday parties are also part of our speciality, assigning wrist bands as needed for underage guests.

loss prevention

We offer outside security for businesses, to keep customers safe and escort employees safely to their car.

We are able to provide internal Loss Prevention (LP) that have been trained to use cameras and other means of undercover theft detection.

There have been plenty of times that businesses have lost product due to the lack of internal security. Work through a trail period and see what we are able to uncover and help with loss revenue.