Security Systems

Our expertise extends to all industries that we service, assuring you that your facility will be as safe and secure as possible.
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Security Systems

Our expertise extends to all industries that we service, assuring you that your facility will be as safe and secure as possible.

  • Reduce internal and external theft.
  • Provide peace of mind for employees and customers.
  • Deter robberies and break-ins.
  • Resolve Workman Comp / Slip and Fall issues.
  • Provide proof of actual events.

Structured Cabling

Whether your business is a small startup or a fortune 200 company in a large campus environment, you rely heavily on the reliable flow of ideas and information.

  • BICSI certified technicians provide you with the expertise needed to implement successful informational technology and telecommunications solutions for your company.
  • Our proven methodology and exceptional project management minimizes the disruption of your business during deployment.
  • We offer a broad range of project expertise, specializing in planning, designing, engineering, construction, and monitoring/maintaining data centers, computer rooms and server rooms.


Whether presenting to a client or to your own team, you need an audio-visual system that works as hard as you do.

  • Whether you choose a hardware-based video conferencing or a software-based communications platform, we can customize the right audio visual system for you, ensuring your team can collaborate reliably and intuitively.
  • With our comprehensive A/V systems, you can focus on the business at hand without being distracted by the technology.
  • Our team will consider sound absorption, size of the conference area, video sight lines, and the architecture of your buildings throughout the design process.
  • We pre-stage and pre-test all of the A/V components before installation begins, minimizing on-site troubleshooting, so your installation can go smoothly.

Fire & Life Safety Systems

Trust our team to design and install your systems on time, on budget, and ready to receive a certificate of occupancy.

We design fire and life safety solutions to ensure these systems are installed on time and ready to receive a certificate of occupancy. We also install automatic fire alarm systems which are designed to detect smoke and fire in the structure (i.e. smoke, flame, increase in heat levels, etc.).

3D provides a variety of services for fire alarm systems including:

  • Fire Alarm System Design
  • Fire Alarm System Installation
  • Fire Alarm System Inspection and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

If we didn't answer any of your questions, feel free to reach out and email us on our contact page.
How much does security cost?
It tends to vary for each site, the specifics of the event, and what kind of service you are looking for.
How do I know if i need security?
If you are serving alcohol at any event or premise other than your home, you will need security. You will also need security of people's safety is an issue or may be at risk.
How many security guards should I get?
Typically we provide one guard for every 75 patrons depending on the venue.
how do i know if a company is legitimate?
According to BSIS (Bureau or Security and Investigative Services), the guard uniform must be legal, i.e., company patch on the right arm, left arm, and from left chest. These patches will have either a name or number representing the company and a print on the back of the shirt stating that they are security. Or in our case it states "MIB."
do you need to do a site survey?
Yes, we typically walk the site prior to the event to check for emergency exits, occupancy, and fire inspection requirements. We also do this to order to understandwhat the client is asking for during the event.
what is the process of getting security?
Send us an email about inquiring for our services. See our contact page to get started!
what areas do you service?
We work in areas primarily located within Sacramento county and the Sacramento region. Cities like Elk Grove, Folsom, Downtown Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Galt, Rancho Cordova, Arden, and even Placerville and Napa are all locations we work in frequently.
how can I work for members in black?
You can sign up for an interview time on our Careers page! Just see the qualifications and requirements , and if you feel like you fit the description, feel free to schedule an interview with our team.

Protect your business today

The safety of your business and customers is never something to take lightly. At Members In Black, we take this matter seriously and will ensure that the highest quality of customer service is reached at all times.
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